ARMY Trend “MBC Apologize For The Edits” After MBC Uses BTS Deepfakes During Coverage Of Sexual Deepfakes

ARMY are outraged at MBC’s decision.

ARMY are currently trending the hashtag “#MBC_합성_사과해” (MBC Apologize For The Edits) after it was revealed that they used BTS‘s poorly edited images and videos during their news report about celebrities’ faces being deepfaked onto sexually explicit pictures and videos

MBC News Today’s report was aired to describe how police are investigating the spread of deepfake pornographic videos featuring celebrities on various porn sites. The news broadcast provided several examples of how deepfake technology can work, including deepfaking Robert Downey Jr.’s face onto IU.

They also used a video from a YouTuber, where the YouTuber deepfaked Jackie Chan’s face onto each member of BTS.

MBC News Today explained that while deepfake technology was developed to make funny or comical videos to make people laugh, there are people using celebrities and making malicious and sexual videos. The complaint filed with police says about 100 celebrities are victims of such deepfaked videos.

The problem many ARMY have is that MBC included BTS as an example during their report about such a sensitive topic that is sexual deepfake videos.

Some are even calling out MBC for their blatant disrespect towards BTS.

Watch the segment below: