ARMY Warns Others About Potential Fading Of Albums After One Of Theirs Loses Its Color

Guess you can say it’s been whitewashed…

K-Pop stans love nothing more than displaying their most prized possessions in their room, such as their ult group’s album. However, depending on the location and placement, it could potentially become damaged.

An ARMY on Twitter posted a picture of a BTS Map of the Soul: Persona Version 2 album that had drastically faded from pink to white. Henceforth, she is now warning others not to leave their albums in the sun.

She made a post thread, showing the original pink of the album from the back of it that hadn’t been exposed thus was not affected. She also emphasized that it was not a joke as her album had truly lost its color.

Others began sharing, too, saying that similar things had happened to them as well. Many reported that their albums had faded, were in the process of, or that they were left with weird marks due to others being stacked on top.

While this really is no laughing matter, some could still find humor out of the bad situation.

Some attempted to look on the “bright side of things…”

While others saw it as more than just bright, they saw it as whitewashed. Fansites would approve.

There were also, of course, those who attempted to give some “helpful” advice.

In all seriousness, though, a couple of people had genuine good advice regarding how to best prevent this kind of damage from happening to albums. Some tips include covering it in Vaseline and (obviously) keeping albums in well-shaded areas.

Remember to also check on your albums frequently to ensure that it is maintaining its original condition.

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