ARMYs Believe They’ve Discovered The Title Of BTS’s Next Album

BIGHIT Entertainment revealing that BTS is working on a new album has caused fans to start theorizing the concept of their next comeback using clues for BTS’ social media.

Boy group BTS is known for their album concepts having some kind of basis in literature, with their latest full album Wings being based on the novel “Demien” by Herman Hesse. With Bighit Entertainment having revealed that the boys are working on a new album, fans have started doing research into possible concepts.

One thing that they have noticed is the fact that the members themselves usually start to hint the concept on social media long before the album is announced. With that being the case, fans have started to look into BTS’ recent social media posts to find a common theme, which they have.

This time, fans have found that a common word found in a lot of their recent posts has been the word “lust” causing many to link it to artist Vincent van Gogh‘s autobiography Lust for Life. Check out the evidence for yourself below!


Rapmon tweeted about Lust once.

V tweeted about Van Gogh

Van Gogh’s autobirgraphy is called Lust for Life. A coincidence?

Maybe sneaking a little hint into their previous album’s design?

Do you agree with this theory?