ARMYs Believe Another BTS Member Was Present During Jungkook’s Filming Of Suga’s “Suchwita”

Could it be true?

A couple months ago, BTS‘s Jungkook guested on Episode 15 of Suga‘s online show Suchwita to promote his single “Seven (feat. Latto).”

It became one of the most iconic episodes as Jungkook stayed even beyond host Suga to sing karaoke as the staff cheered him on.

Now, ARMYs believe they have spotted another BTS member on set among the crew.

ARMYs spotted a familiar looking shoulder and hands among the crew during Jungkook’s karaoke session. Its owner’s face was covered with the signature sugar cube used to hide the identity of guests during teasers. Still, ARMYs suspect that it is BTS’s elder member, Jin, due to the unique hands and broad shoulder.

Wait, what T-T I’m JUST realizing this… The white cubic man from Jungkook’s Suchwita? THAT WAS SEOKJIN??? Really?!

If you compare how he has little gaps between his index and middle fingers and between his ring and pinky fingers… And how his thumb’s pointy… I think it’s him. T-T

— @1204_roro/X


The hand and the world wide shoulders 😱 My heart melts thinking the 3 of them spending quality time together 💜💜💜 #suchwita #jungkook #jeonjungkook #jk #jin #kimseokjin #yoongi #minyoongi #suga #crystalgoddess #fypシ

♬ 3D – Alternate Ver. – Jung Kook

As the clip went viral across social media, many ARMYs agreed that it had to be Jin! Perhaps he took one of his free days from the military to visit. ARMYs suspect the reason Jungkook didn’t want to leave the set was because Jin was there.

Jin can’t film any new projects while he is fulfilling his military service, but it’s okay for pre-recorded videos to be released. Hence, why his episode of Suchwita was released while he already enlisted. On the other hand, Jungkook’s episode was filmed after enlistment.