Older ARMYs Celebrate Their Age After BTS’s RM Calls Them “Dope Old People”

Music has no expiration date!

BTS‘s RM recently made a live broadcast before he went to sleep. In it, he made a comment that truly touched ARMYs hearts.

Dope old people in their thirties and forties… They got the attitude, you know? They’ve experienced so many things.



In K-Pop communities, it can be easy to forget about older fans or not even know they exist as many fandoms are dominated by fans about 25 years old all the way down to 12 and younger. However, music is for everyone! Even more so, enjoying something doesn’t have to have an expiration date!

When RM mentioned the older fans, people flocked to Twitter to show that they exist and are proud to be an ARMY no matter their age or experiences.

Previously, the hashtags #VintageARMY and #AdultARMY were used to help older ARMYs find each other and are still used to show their love for the group.

Fandoms often have an amazing sense of community as almost every group has a designated “Selca Day” where their fans post selfies on their social media to celebrate being fans. These days have also gotten significantly more inclusive over the years as fans created special days to specifically highlight plus-size fans, black fans, and more.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Fans hope that the trending of this hashtag brings love and celebration to older fans.


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