ARMYs Celebrate The 5th Anniversary Of A Very Special Day For BTS

Happy 5 years, BTS!

May 5 is a very important date for BTS and ARMYs.Β  And today, on May 5, 2020, marks the 5th anniversary of an iconic moment for the group that happened back in 2015.

On that day, BTS had their very first win on an awards show!

They won the award with the song “I Need U” on The Show. While they had received other awards in the past, this was considered their first win, the first of what has now become almost 90 wins total.

The win came nearly two years after the group initially debuted in June of 2013, during a time when the group was struggling and uncertain of their direction. The award for “I Need U” helped to boost their spirits and help them become the incredibly successful group they are today.

Here’s how ARMYs are celebrating this huge anniversary for the group on social media!

It’s a big moment for both BTS and their dedicated fans.