ARMYs Demand Apology From German TV Station For Slandering BTS

ARMYs are upset about the show.

Recently, ARMYs were upset about a German TV show called Chartshow on RTL that aired a segment showing a BTS music video.

The commentary for the segment slandered BTS and used racist terms against them. Fans sent numerous messages to the show demanding an apology statement on the matter.

The segment reveals people asking if they are a Japanese group or from North Korea. They also comment saying that they are Japanese albinos with fans that are probably younger than 12 years old.

Watch the clip below:




RTL later posted an apology Tweet that read, “If the #BTS fans feel offended by the comments from the people on the show we are sorry. RTL positions itself against racism AND for freedom of expression.”




Fans were still not pleased and the show released a second apology Tweet was posted.

We can only apologize again and will cut out the comments in the repetition! #bts #chartshow




ARMYs posted messages in regards to this matter, agreeing that some people will just not understand the world of K-Pop and BTS.












What are your thoughts on this situation?