ARMYs Get Emotional After Spotting A Parallel Scene In BTS J-Hope’s “On The Street” And Jin’s “The Astronaut” Music Videos

ARMYs related to the touching scene 🥺

BTS J-Hope‘s brand new solo song with influential American rapper and producer J. Cole, “On The Street,” just dropped, along with its emotional music video.

BTS’s J-Hope on the set of the “On The Street” MV | BIGHIT MUSIC

Just yesterday, J-Hope shocked ARMYs when he revealed that he would be collaborating with his idol J. Cole for what is expected to be his final song release before his upcoming military enlistment.

Much like BTS Jin’s solo song “The Astronaut,” thoughtfully written and performed in collaboration with his idol, British rock band Coldplay, J-Hope’s song is meant as a “farewell for now” gift to ARMYs.

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Many thoughtful and emotional elements went into the creation of “On The Street,” and J-Hope describes it as a journey back to his roots; street dance.

J-Hope wrote the track to share his candid feelings toward his fans. The title “on the street” refers to J-Hope’s roots—street dance—from which his dream to become an artist began, and the path the artist and fans will continue to walk together.

We hope that J-Hope’s “on the street” serves as a meaningful gift to everyone who supports the artist…


His emotional message to ARMYs was heartwarmingly portrayed in the music video, and fans quickly noticed a parallel between one touching moment in the “On The Street” MV and “The Astronaut” MV.

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BTS’s Jin in “The Astronaut” MV photo shoot | BIGHIT MUSIC

In Jin’s “The Astronaut,” he lands on Earth and slowly befriends a little girl. In one emotional scene, he helps teach her how to ride a bike until he takes his guiding hand off the bicycle to let her put her knowledge and practice to use and ride on her own.

Jin cheered the little girl on in the distance and watched as she rode away, and many fans took the scene to represent the special connection between BTS and ARMYs.

In J-Hope’s “On The Street” music video, he shares a handshake with a young boy before parting ways. As the little boy walks away, J-Hope stands and sees him off before he turns and waves one final time.

Again, viewers connected to the scene and felt it was J-Hope’s way of showing his connection with ARMYs.

The parallels between J-Hope and Jin’s interactions with the little kids in their music videos immediately caught ARMYs’ attention as they reacted to the emotional scenes.

Check out J-Hope’s new “On The Street” music video below!