ARMYs Are Falling In Love With BTS Jungkook’s Baby Doppelganger

Two total cuties!

This adorable baby is gaining a lot of attention not only for his cute face but also for his resemblance to BTS‘s Jungkook!

| @for_gomroni_/Instagram

Meet Lee Rowoon! With his lovely personality and charm, Rowoon has captured everyone’s hearts! You might have seen him on the show Chick High Kick.

Rowoon’s visual similarities to Jungkook followed after a moment from Chick High Kick went viral. This specific moment was when Rowoon went up against another child in a taekwondo match. While Rowoon could win the match, he had the most heartbreaking and cute reaction to the loss.

This moment made many fall in love with Rowoon and people also couldn’t help noticing how much he looks like Jungkook.

Not only does Rowoon have big round eyes and squishy cheeks like Jungkook, but the fact that he’s doing Taekwondo made people think back to Jungkook and his great athleticism.

Jungkook 2016 ISAC | MBCentertainment/YouTube

Aside from resembling Jungkook, Rowoon has been making waves on his own with his impressive Taekwondo skills and of course, his overall cuteness! Rowoon also stole hearts with his endless charms when he hung out with TREASURE on an episode of TREASURE MAP


Check out the video below: