Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Notice Heartfelt Easter Eggs In BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut” Merch Ad

He’s so thoughtful!

Eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed heartfelt Easter eggs in BTS Jin‘s “The Astronaut” merchandise advertisement.

BTS’s Jin | @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

ARMYs have been anticipating the release of Jin’s new merchandise collection inspired by his solo single “The Astronaut.” Previously, it was teased in both “Wootteoview: Wootteo’s observation log of Jin ‘The Astronaut’” and recently “Jin’s Special Challenge for ARMY.”

Now, HYBE MERCH has released a new teaser video for Jin’s “The Astronaut” merch, set to release on November 30 (KST). The video is in an old video game style, which is totally his style.

Observant ARMYs noticed a couple of heartfelt references in the teaser video. Firstly, Wootteo appears to imitate the iconic baby photo of Jin holding a fork.

ARMYs also pointed out that Jin’s late beloved pets, including a sugar glider and his dog Jjangu, made appearances. Previously, Jin released “Tonight” in honor of them.

The way Jin always honors his pets years later after they’ve passed is so heartwarming.