ARMYs At Inkigayo Won’t Go Hungry Thanks To Jin

Jin left ARMYs his secret recipe.

BTS have been leaving gifts for ARMYs who attend their recordings for various music shows, such as SBS Inkigayo. Jungkook left ARMYs hand cream and air freshener, for example.

For their post-recording at SBS Inkigayo, it was Jin’s turn to brighten up the day of ARMYs who came to see BTS.

Jin left TGIF steak, cheese ramyun and buldak ramyun for ARMYs! Nobody will go hungry while Jin is looking out for them.

Jin also left a little message for ARMYs:

How ARMY can enjoy this EAT Jin set,

Prepare the steak
Prepare the ramyun, 1 red one and 1 yellow one!
Mix both ramyuns
Eat deliciously!

– Jin