ARMYs Are Losing It Over BTS J-Hope And V’s Post For RM’s Birthday

The members know ARMY so well…

It’s officially BTS RM‘s 28th birthday, which means everyone is celebrating, especially the members.


So, one of the members wished his “BFF” a happy birthday with two photos. The first was from the group’s visit to The White House earlier this year.

RM at The White House. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

The second post surely showed their duality as they went from diplomatic vibes to sexy AF. It focused on V‘s arm in comparison to RM’s even more muscular arm.

V (left) and RM (right) .| @BTS_twt/Twitter

There has been debate over whether V or J-Hope posted it. Many suspect V was responsible as his other arm is clearly the other pictured due to theΒ “elephant.”

Still, J-Hope is known for using a lot of emojis and posting lots of photos for members’ birthdays.

J-Hope also posted an Instagram Story in honor of RM’s birthday shortly after. Sure enough, he uploaded a photo and many GIFs.

Regardless, it is definitely safe to say ARMYs are absolutely losing it after the Twitter post, and it’s easy to understand why. From the cute caption to their muscles… Someone definitely knows what we want to see!


Check out the post below.