ARMYs Plan To Build A Forest In Celebration Of BTS RM’s Birthday

An amazing birthday gift.

On September 3, the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement released a statement that said 250 fans had gathered on August 31 in celebration of BTS‘s RM‘s birthday (September 12) in Jamsil Hangang Park. The fans planned to build a forest named “BTS RM Forest No.1”, which will be planted in front of the clock tower at the park.

RM has shown interest in saving the planet by preserving the environment. With this in mind, fans will be building a forest with 1,250 bridal wreath spirea. Fans donated ₩1,993,000KRW (approx. $1,600USD) and ₩9,120,000KRW (approx. $7,500USD) for a whopping total of ₩11,114,000KRW (approx $9,100 USD) to go towards the building of the forest.

The fan who initially came up with “BTS RM Forest No.1” has thanked fans for their support for the project.

I am glad that many fans from both Korea and overseas helped take part in creating ‘BTS RM Forest No.1’

She disclosed that she has plans of setting up “BTS RM Forest No.2” for RM’s birthday in 2020. They intend to do this to provide fresh air and a place where people can rest whenever they visit the forest.

Source: Star Daily