Fans Start A Protest Against BigHit Entertainment’s Recent Plans With BTS, Complete With Protest Trucks Sent To The Building

They are protesting against several decisions.

ARMYs have recently started a protest against BigHit Entertainment‘s recent plans with BTS. They have sent a protest truck to the BigHit Entertainment building to let the company know of the opposition. Firstly, the union protests against the production of BTS’s upcoming youth drama, and calls for the halt of production.

| theqoo

The fan union also absolutely is against the joint label concert and protests, “do not use BTS and ARMYs as a way for the label’s success“.

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They are asking for the stop in the joint concert.

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The union claims that the concert is a selfish act on the part of the company.

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The truck also displays, “BigHit who lost their roots as they go crazy over stocks“.

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Previously, the union had indicated a boycott of the concert due to several reasons, citing the outrageous prices, lack of consideration for BTS fans, as well as the company making use of BTS’s name to promote.

The company has yet to respond to the protest.



Source: theqoo


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