ARMYs Are Proud Of BTS’s Jimin Bagging The Top Spot For The Most Popular Male K-Pop Idol For 14 Months!

Looks like Jimin’s got jams, after all.

BTS’s Jimin has done it again: he has earned the first place at the February brand reputation rankings for individual male idols.

The Korean Business Research Institute, which analyzes social media buzz, consumer participation, media coverage, and community indexes to establish idol rankings, estimated Jimin‘s brand reputation index to be 8,633,706.

Jimin‘s associated key words include “cool”, “enthusiastic”, and “donate” in the link analysis.

He got the highest participation, media, and communication indexes out of all the idols in the rank.

Jimin has bagged the top spot for more than a year now.

Naturally, this amazing feat is being celebrated by ARMYs worldwide.

They even listed all of Jimin‘s record-breaking accomplishments to give light to everything he’s achieved:

ARMYs are applauding Jimin‘s feat despite him not doing any solo promotions.

After all, he’s the first and only idol who has successfully topped Brand Reputation Ranking among Boy Group members…

…for 14 consecutive months!

It’s an unbelievable achievement that ARMYs are extremely proud of.

Other BTS members were also included in the February Boy Group Member Brand Rankings with V (#4), Jungkook (#6), RM (#7), J-Hope (#9), Jin (#13) and Suga (#15)all ranking at the top fifteen spots.

Congratulations to BTS Jimin for the top spot and to BTS for being in the top fifteen!

Source: Naver