ARMYs Demand Answers Regarding Delayed Release Of BTS’s Jungkook And Charlie Puth’s “Left And Right” MV

Even Charlie Puth seemed confused about it!

American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth has officially released his anticipated collaboration single with BTS‘s Jungkook, “Left and Right!”

“Left and Right” was released on June 24 at midnight EST on all music streaming platforms.

It’s already been met with much love from the singers’ respective fandoms.

Yet, fans were eager to watch the music video that Charlie Puth had teased the day before. Based on his post, it was assumed that the MV would drop simultaneously.

However, Puth generically said it would release “the same day.” He hadn’t specified the time.

Sure enough, though, fans took to Twitter to demand answers.

After just about half an hour since the release of the song, “WHERE IS THE MV,” “WHERE IS IT,” “DROP THE MV,” and “mr puth” trended as a result. And, Mr. Puth himself was well-aware.

It turned out that even Charlie Puth was confused! He updated his followers, sharing a screenshot conversation in which he inquired about the MV link.

Previously, he had tweeted that the video was “uploading.” He then deleted the tweet…

Finally, it was revealed that so many people had been trying to watch the music video. So, the server broke!

Finally, after an hour’s delay, the MV was successfully released!

Watch it below:

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