ARMYs Are Running To Target, Selling Out A Dog Toy—Here’s Why

Target employees be wondering why a dog toy suddenly sold out. 🤔

Target has become the hotspot for American K-Pop fans in the past couple of years.

We can find albums from a variety of K-Pop artists, such as BTS, TXT, BLACKPINK, NCT, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, SuperM, TWICE, etc.


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Sometimes, Target even offers exclusives for the artists’ albums. This may include different packaging, an exclusive photocard, or more.

Target exclusive of TXT’s “The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE.” | Target

Additional merchandise can be found occasionally, like posters and calendars for popular groups. ARMYs have even been able to score some merch from BTS and LINE FRIENDS‘ collaboration BT21.


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At this point, Target employees are used to K-Pop fans frequenting their store, purchasing said items. Yet, ARMYs are flocking to stores now for a very unusual item, unlike anything else.

Target store. | Target Corporate

In fact, ARMYs are rushing to Target in hopes of getting a dog toy. Yes, a toy for a dog.

“BARK Blue Whale Dog Toy – Moby Lick.” | Target

The toy in question is this cute plush of a blue whale called “BARK Blue Whale Dog Toy – Moby Lick.” It is from the pet toy brand BARK, which you can find their products at Target stores.

This whale dog toy has made a big splash! Whale, whale, whale…what do we have here? Made with long & strong hair and a deep squeaker, Moby Dick tons of fun and packed to the blowhole with fluff!

Is your dog ready to dive Under the Seams? This BARK Original is the best way to reel in some fun! Made by dog people, for dogs and their people, backed by BARK’s Happiness Guarantee.

— Target

It’s part of a cute collection of sea creature-themed toys called “Under the Seams,” including everything from fish, a squid, the now-famous whale, and more.

BARK  “Under the Seams” collection. | Target

The reason why ARMYs are gravitating towards this dog toy? Well, if you watch closely during Jin‘s new “Super Tuna” video, you can see it on his shoulder.

He and his backup dancers sewed the sea creature-themed dog toys onto their clothes for the “Super Tuna choreography video, resulting in a look that radiated the trot song’s vibes. It’s equal parts aquatic and fun!

“Super Tuna” video. | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Jin had described the production for the video as quite spontaneous and “low-quality.” Despite this, it turned out awesome!

Clearly, they made a Target run before heading to the beach. He even DIY-ed the T-shirt with a plain white shirt and blue marker.


— Jin

The accessory to complete the look was none other than “Moby Lick.” He’s truly a trend-setter.

Jin in the “Super Tuna” video. | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Soon after the video’s release, ARMYs discovered where exactly this cute whale came from. It was none other than Target, a place we go to often anyway. Best yet, it’s only $7.99 USD, much cheaper than most official BTS merchandise.

Not to mention, whales have had special significance to BTS and ARMY for a long time. In 2015, BTS released “Whalien 52,” a song about “the world’s loneliest whale.”

Since then, we have occasionally seen whales reappear in various BTS content. The whale has been in BTS’s “IDOL” MV, “We are Bulletproof: the Eternal” MV, and TinyTAN videos.

“We are Bulletproof: the Eternal” MV | BANGTANTV/YouTube
V (left) and Jimin (right) | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

A whale plush of BTS’s own was even released as part of TinyTAN’s merchandise. It was, of course, a lot more expensive. Yet, it sold out almost immediately.

Additionally, you’ll often see Jin wear whales on his clothes as well…

So, the selection of the blue whale dog toy from BARK seemed fitting for Jin’s new project! Since the release of “Super Tuna,” ARMYs have rushed to Target in hopes of finding this whale.


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♬ super tuna by seokjin – 𝑽𝒊𝒏𝒂


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♬ Super tuna – La_lim💜❤️

It makes not just a great collector’s item for a shelf of BTS merch. It completes the look for the “Super Tuna” challenge videos!


I EVEN EDITED IT THE SAME, I CANT #supertuna #supertunachallenge

♬ super tuna by seokjin – 𝑽𝒊𝒏𝒂

With ARMYs all over the United States going to Target for this one dog toy, it’s soon to sell out.

| TikTok
| TikTok

Many are joking about this possibility, and it’s already a reality for some. So, they suggest that the Target employees must be in pure confusion over this unusual dog toy’s increase in popularity.

| TikTok
| TikTok
| TikTok

Well, it turns out Target isn’t as in the dark as we may have thought. You see, most of the reviews of the “BARK Blue Whale Dog Toy – Moby Lick” are from ARMYs now within the past couple of days, revealing they bought it because of Jin. In fact, the majority of the 5-star ratings are from them.

Reviews for “BARK Blue Whale Dog Toy – Moby Lick.”| Target

Some are posting pictures of their new friend with their other “merch,” such as Jin’s BT21 character RJ. This whale is certainly not lonely!

Review for “BARK Blue Whale Dog Toy – Moby Lick.”| Target

Others even attached photos of Jin with his own “Moby Lick” from the “Super Tuna” video. And, of course, it caught the BARK team’s attention. They have been leaving thoughtful responses, appreciating Jin for his endorsement!

Review for “BARK Blue Whale Dog Toy – Moby Lick.”| Target

One reviewer simply called the toy “jintastic,” and a BARK staff responded that it was “the best compliment!” We’d have to agree.

Review for “BARK Blue Whale Dog Toy – Moby Lick.”| Target

BARK’s “Under the Seams” collection, including the dog toys worn by both Jin and the dancers in the “Super Tuna” choreography video, can still be found at most Target stores or online. Be warned; they’re going fast. Toys range in price from $7 to $12 USD. Heads-up, though: it squeaks!

Source: Target

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