ARMYs Slam Fans For Criticizing Tiger JK’s Supportive Tweet About BTS

Tiger JK has apologized for a tweet that was not well-received by some K-Pop fans.

ARMYs are coming to Tiger JK‘s defense in light of the undeserved criticism he recently received on Twitter.

In a now-deleted tweet, Tiger JK tweeted this screenshot from The Economist‘s Instagram post about their feature article on BTS. He tagged BTS, The Economist, and added a thumbs up emoji.

Surely, there’s nothing wrong with supporting your famous hoobaes? Unfortunately, some fans did not see it this way, having found the article offensive. This quote, in particular, rubbed many the wrong way.

BTS are not your average K-pop band [. . .] they do not conform to the stereotype of the flawless, manufactured idols who are expected to serve as blank screens for fans’ projections.

— The Economist

Tiger JK responded to fans’ backlash about his tweet with a message of love, stating that love is needed during these difficult times. He also explained that he wasn’t putting anyone down by building BTS up.

In the replies, ARMYs are leaving messages of support, assuring Tiger JK that he has nothing to apologize for.

Many are also slamming the “kpoppies” who felt compelled to criticize Tiger JK, calling out their behavior while pointing out Tiger JK’s legendary status.

Tiger JK is a highly influential figure in the Korean music industry, credited with helping to shape Korean hip-hop and bring it into the mainstream. The Los Angeles Times once called him “perhaps the most popular Korean rapper in America, Asia, and the world.” 

Despite his own massive achievements, Tiger JK remains down to earth. He has continuously shown support for BTS, not because they are popular, but because he truly admires their talent. Like ARMY, Tiger JK knows that BTS’s success didn’t happen overnight. They worked tirelessly to achieve everything they have today.

Source: The Los Angeles Times