ARMYs Trend #BeFairToJimin After The BTS Member Is Unable To Speak About Solo Work During Interview

They’re demanding for his treatment to change.

Recently, BTS fans have taken to Twitter in order to express their upset and outrage over an interview where they felt like Jimin was treated unfairly.

In the hashtag #BeFairToJimin, the fans speak about how the interviewers were only allowed to ask “company approved questions”, which included things like discussing the death threats Jimin has received (which is obviously a difficult, upsetting subject), but not anything about Jimin’s solo work.

So bighit allowed the interviewers to ask jimin about de@th threats, that for obvious reasons, made him uncomfortable, but not about his solo work? His achievements? What the hell?Jimin’s hardwork and achievements should be appreciated and should never be ignored.

— Twitter user @DaechwitaLESSGO

But the interview isn’t the only thing fans are talking about under the hashtag. ARMYs feel like Jimin hasn’t been given proper credit or support for his work in general, despite how much he’s created on his own outside of BTS as a whole. Twitter user @jimjimjan summarized why fans are upset for a number of different, serious reasons.

Another user, @orangejiminpics, shared just a couple of Jimin’s achievements that prove he deserves much more credit than he’s given.

Fans are also just using the opportunity to show their love and support for Jimin no matter what, and to let him know that they recognize his hard work and are appreciative of all that he’s done.

Hopefully this hashtag will see Jimin getting more fair treatment in the future!