ARMYs Trend “I PURPLE YOU TAEHYUNG” To Show Their Love For BTS’s V

ARMYs love for V has no limits.

To BTS‘s fans, the term “I purple you”, coined by V himself, means a lot. While he says he just made the phrase up, the meaning behind it is that, because purple is the last color of the rainbow, V will love and trust ARMY for a long time, and ARMY will do the same for V and the rest of BTS. BTS fans have been concerned about V and his well-being lately, and took to Twitter with the phrase “I PURPLE YOU TAEHYUNG” to show their love and support for the idol. Here is what they have to say.

1. ARMYs will always support V through hard times

2. He makes life colorful

3. He really does

4. This fanart is adorable!

5. He means so much to so many

6. There may be hard times, but BTS and ARMY will get through them together

7. He is so loved

8. Hopefully fans will see his bright smile again soon

9. It really is a beautiful color

10. This generous guy, how can you not love him?