ARMY Showed Off Their Power As They United To Provide A Sign Language Interpreter For BTS Concert

ARMYs truly go above and beyond!

BTS is known to touch the hearts of their fans, and this time ARMYs worked together to help others enjoy their music as well. ARMYs worked together to request a sign language interpreter for BTS’s Seoul concert in October. Their voices were heard, and interpreters attended the show to help fans who were hard of hearing.

One of the interpreters in charge of the concert recorded her progress and posted it to her YouTube channel. Fans were able to see just how much effort and time it took for her to prepare for the concert. Fans thanked her for her hard work after seeing the entire process.


In a separate interview with the interpreter, she revealed that she was nervous after first receiving the offer to sign at the concert. She ultimately decided to go through with the offer as she was also currently a graduate school student writing a paper about supporting the cultural rights for the deaf and hard of hearing.


She only had one week to prepare for the concert and split the songs in half with another interpreter. She had to sign 11 songs in total out of the 22 songs performed at the show. She explained that the songs included rap and English parts, making it harder to translate into sign language.


However, after seeing how happy and focused they were on her translations, she was glad that she took the offer. She added that she was so touched after a fan came up to her after the show and asked, “Can I ask you to come and sign for us again next time?”



The initial Tweet from the fan received much attention online as they thanked ARMYs and Big Hit for helping in making this happen.






The interpreter was truly amazed to see so many people work so hard to help such a small group of people. ARMYs and BTS are truly a strong team that go way beyond just idol and fan.

Watch the full interview video below!



This is not the first time they have had interpreters at their shows. There were two interpreters at a performance in LA.



…and an ASL interpreter at the 02 Arena Concert in London as well!

Source: theqoo