ARMYs Are Worried About BTS’s Schedules Being Leaked By Alleged Big Hit Employee

ARMYs hope that Big Hit will get to the bottom of this.

Previously, BTS’s V mentioned in an online broadcast that he was scared of sasaengs that followed them onto their flight, causing fans to request Big Hit Entertainment to take more safety measures of information leaking from the company.


A message that was posted to an online community back in October is becoming a hot issue among fans. This posting shared information that BTS would not be making a comeback this year and that they would not be attending MBC’s Gayo Daejejun due to a different live schedule in Times Square. It is shocking because news just released on December 18 about BTS performing at the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve in New York.




With so much detailed information released about BTS’s schedule, fans are suspecting that a Big Hit employee may be leaking this information.

The photo captures reveals that the same person that released the article also created an online chat room to share never before seen pictures and songs from BTS.







Fans also later found out that the site that these messages were posted to was from an online community site of BTS anti-fans.

Although there is no specific evidence to prove that this person is a Big Hit employee or not, it is for sure that BTS’s schedule and information are being let out by an unknown source.

Fans are currently sending messages to Big Hit about this matter in hopes that they will get to the bottom of this for the sake of BTS’s safety and well-being.




Source: theqoo