Arrest warrant for former Korean Air VP Cho Hyuna granted

An arrest warrant for former Korean Air Vice President Cho Hyuna after prosecutors found her guilty of violating aviation law, along with other charges such as coercion and interference in the execution of duty. 

On December 24th, Yonhap News reported that prosecutors received the arrest warrant for Cho Hyuna, the daughter of Korean Air’s CEO, for her recent “macadamia nuts” incident. After investigations began last week, Cho Hyuna allegedly denied that she had physically assaulted the said employee, which did not coincide with with passengers’ testimonies after witnessing her push the flight attendant.

The prosecutors in charge of the case also received an arrest warrant for another executive after it was found that he ordered existing Korean Air employees to delete the original report of the incident.

Meanwhile, a hearing is scheduled for next week in order to review the arrest warrant for Cho Hyuna.

Cho Hyuna, the eldest daughter of Korean Air CEO Cho Yang Ho, tendered her resignation earlier this month after receiving criticisms and outrage for her “macadamia nuts” incident on board one of Korean Air’s flights. It was reported that the has ordered the cabin crew chief to leave after serving her macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a plate.  The incident caused the flight, along with more than 250 passengers, to have a 11-minute delayed arrival at Incheon International Airport.