“Arthdal Chronicles” Actress Erika Karata Deletes Her Official Website

Korean and Japanese media tried accessing her site to no avail.

Erika Karata, the Japanese actress who first gained the interest of Korean netizens during an appearance in Girl’s Generation‘s “Divine” music video, then later went on to star in Arthdal Chronicles, left the Korean and Japanese entertainment industry in shock after admitting to having an affair with a married man.

Shortly after the revelation was made, she shut down her SNS after receiving an onslaught of hate comments directed at her for being the third-party between actor Masahiro Higashide and his wife.

Source: news1

Not long after, the media discovered that her official website was no longer accessible. On January 27, when several media outlets from both Korea and Japan were trying to access the actress’s official website, the page displayed the error message: “The page you were looking for could not be found.”

Additionally, international media reports that just a few years ago adultery was a crime in Korea and could have been a punishable offense with Karata receiving up to two years in prison. Because of Korea’s strong stance against adultery and the fact that she is active in both Korea, as well as Japan, there has been speculation that she may be barred from the Korean entertainment industry due to public outrage.