American rapper A$AP TyY collaborated with Cjamm and BewhY for new song “Like Me”

Rappers C Jamm and BewhY collaborated with American rapper A$AP TyY for his new song “Like Me,” directed by KONUSBRAND‘s Devin Kang.

The collaboration was titled “The Konus Project 2017” and features the rappers’ song, “Like Me”. The song, which incorporates a mix of Korean and English lyrics, combines a powerful beat with hard-hitting lyrics for an awesome hip hop collaboration.

Kang, who directed the video and styled the three rappers, explained his vision for the video and his brand.

“This song is a completely different style and concept that goes against BewhY’s and C Jamm’s style. I wanted this song to have an abstract but intense feel. This is not the typical rap style that people picture when they listen to BewhY and C Jamm, but about the lyrics and the concept of the song. I hope everyone who listens to this song will feel the vibe and concept of my fashion brand.”

— Devin Kang, KONUSBRAND Founder

KONUSBRAND has launched in both the United States and South Korea. Top celebrities from both countries such as DiddyDiploRae SremmurdTaeminBora, and Jaejoong have been seen wearing the brand for photo shoots and while they’re out and about.

Check out the music video below: