Ashley Choi Shares How Her Ex-Boyfriend Snuck Into Her School To Surprise Her On Valentine’s Day

She shared all the details of the time from her high school days!

Ashley Choi revealed a cute story about her school days, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

On the latest episode of the Get Real podcast, Jamie appeared as a special guest, and they began discussing the topic of love and romance!

As the topic centered around Valentine’s Day, Ashley Choi then brought up how in Korea, the 14th date of a few months’ are designated “romantic days”; for example, February 14 is Valentine’s Day, March 14 is White Day, etc.!

You know how in Korea, there are so many holidays related to love? Like every 14th of the month is a special day.

—Ashley Choi

She then talked about her school days, and how her boyfriend at the time snuck into her school just to shower her with gifts and chocolate on Valentine’s Day!

I don’t know about you guys but for our high school, we had ID cards and we swiped them to get in. But then, my boyfriend didn’t go to my school. But then he somehow sneaked into my school for Valentine’s Day.

—Ashley Choi

She narrated the whole incident and revealed that when she got to her first class of the day, he showed up outside her class with gifts for her!

I was at my first class. I was in class, and he just showed up outside and he had flowers and chocolates. I felt kinda special, because you know….

—Ashley Choi

After a bit of teasing, she then hastily clarified that only the memory was special, and nothing else!

I just think it’s cute thinking about it now. But I don’t miss him or anything. No misunderstandings!

—Ashley Choi

Watch the whole thing here!