Asians Become New Poster Models For McDonald’s After Seeing No Asian Models On Their Walls

“All races deserve recognition and I guess I did my part.”

A Filipino-American student noticed that his local Mcdonald’s did not have any Asian models on their walls and therefore, took it upon himself to create posters himself and put them up.


The student who goes by Jevh Maravilla explained how one day while he and his friend Christian were munching on some snack wraps at McDonald’s, he noticed that there was not a single Asian face on the walls.


As a result, Jevh and Christian decided to become models themselves. They proceeded to take the photoshoot, edit the photos and then print them out…


And after much planning, they succeeded in putting up the poster on the walls of the McDonald’s.


What was more surprising, however, was the fact that the poster was still up weeks later!

Source: Twitter


Jevh concluded that all races deserve recognition and seemed quite proud to have played a part in it!


Netizens have been showing positive reactions to the silly prank, which has succeeded in making a statement on the lack of Asian representation.


Watch the full video below: