ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Opens Up About How They Deal With Some Members Having More Work Than Others

The members all commented.

ASTRO became the feature of ELLE Korea’s June issue, where they opened up about members sometimes having more individual schedules than others and how the group handles it.

There are times when some of the members have more individual schedules than others due to variety show appearances, dramas, musicals, and more. But considering that the members have been close like brothers since before their debut 5 years ago, Cha Eunwoo explained that they all try to be understanding of each other and support one another.

We’re so close and we’ve been together for so long, so we resolve a lot of issues by just talking.

When a member has more individual schedules, we try to share our know-hows and understand each other.

— Cha Eunwoo

JinJin added that the members all have a strong sense of responsibility as a group and works to become a source of positivity for each other and their fans.

He explained, “The members all have a stronger sense of responsibility. We want to become a light for both each other and the fans.”

Yoon Sanha, who basically grew up under the older members’ wings, revealed that he uses each situation to better himself by learning from their strengths.

I try to learn from the hyungs’ strengths and capability to overcome obstacles. I tend to listen to their advice with an open mind.

— Yoon Sanha

ASTRO aren’t just coworkers but also brothers. No small issue as uneven individual schedules will break the strong bond between them!

Meanwhile, ASTRO made a successful comeback with “KNOCK”! Check out their music video below:

Source: Xports News