ASTRO Show Off Their Incredibly Close Bond By Attending Cha Eunwoo’s Fan Meeting

They always support each other.

ASTRO have continually proven their incredibly close friendship, always supporting each other’s group and solo work.

So it is no surprise to fans that ASTRO supported Cha Eunwoo on his solo fan meeting tour, Starry Caravan.

| @fantagiomusic_/Twitter

But what fans couldn’t anticipate is that ASTRO themselves showed up in the audience for the fan meet, enthusiastically cheering on their member.

Even MJ, currently serving in the military, used his off day to cheer on his friend, and Cha Eunwoo was clearly touched, giving MJ one of the roses he had to give to fans.

Fans were endeared by ASTRO’s constant support, with Moonbin acting like Cha Eunwoo’s fansite.

And all the members singing “Fireworks” for Cha Eunwoo to dance to.

Fans pointed out that ASTRO could have stayed quiet during the fan meet since they were sitting in the audience, but instead, they decided to support their member loudly.

And Cha Eunwoo couldn’t have been more excited to see his members in the crowd.

All of ASTRO continue to prove that despite their incredible success, they have an amazingly close bond and will always support each other.