ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo And Song Kang Make Unexpected Cameos In K-Drama “Welcome To Samdal-ri”

Did you notice all the celebrity cameos?

The new JTBC K-Drama Welcome to Samdal-ri recently premiered. It stars Ji Chang Wook as weather forecaster Cho Yong Pil and Shin Hae Sun as photographer Cho Sam Dal.

After suffering a fall from grace, a photographer returns to her hometown and bumps into her childhood friend, rekindling an unfinished romance.

— Netflix

Shin Hae Sun (left) and Ji Chang Wook (right)

The cast is already star-studded. Yet, some of our favorite stars also made unexpected cameos.

Since Sam Dal is a famous celebrity photographer in Seoul, she has photographed some of the hottest actors, including Song Joong Ki, Song Kang, and Lee Jong Suk, as well as singer Lee Hyori. You can see them briefly in Episode 1.

From left: Song Joong Ki, Lee Hyori, and Lee Jong Suk | JTBC
Celebrities can be spotted on the wall in the background | JTBC

You can spot Song Kang not once but twice. He also appeared in Episode 3 as his photo was being taken down. The photo used is an actual photo from a GQ photoshoot.

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo was also unexpectedly given a shoutout when viewers found out that Bae Myung Jin‘s character, Cha Eun U, shares his name with the idol-actor. They even showed Eunwoo’s photo in the restaurant while discussing him!

Did you notice any other cameos?