ASTRO’s Choreographer Apologizes For “Breathless”—Here’s Why

It’s been five years, but ASTRO’s choreographer is saying sorry to the members and AROHA.

Just months after the release of their debut song, “Hide & Seek,” ASTRO took AROHAs’ breath away with their next single, “Breathless.” Five years later, their choreographer is apologizing for the dance moves—here’s why.

Over the years, dance team Code 88 has trained and created choreography for some of the most-loved groups in K-Pop, including MONSTA X, VICTON, STAYC, and ASTRO. In a new “Comment Defenders” interview with AYO on YouTube, Code 88 dance leader Ko Kyung Joon apologized for his work on “Breathless.”

Code88’s Ko Kyung Joon (left) & Lee Yu Jong (right) | AYO 에이요/YouTube

When ASTRO released “Breathless” back in 2016, they weren’t kidding about the title. During the choreography, the members seem to be moving nonstop. Given how much time they spend jumping up and down during the dance, it’s a surprise they didn’t literally become breathless while promoting it.

“Breathless” dance practice | ASTRO 아스트로/YouTube  

They literally don’t have time to breathe because they have to dance while moving around.

AYO commenter

In fact, the dance is so intense, it’s even been recommended as a weight-loss method. So, perhaps it’s not so surprising that Ko Kyung Joon decided to apologize for “Breathless” while talking to AYO. “I apologize,” he said, “We want to apologize to AROHA!”

| AYO 에이요/YouTube

Ko went on to reveal that the ASTRO members “struggled a lot” while learning the choreography. In order to express the concept well, Ko Kyung Joon came up with the “mole” dance move, in which the members bounce up and down like moles jumping out of holes. Despite its simplicity, a move like this requires a lot of stamina and lower body strength to pull off well.

| ASTRO 아스트로/YouTube  

We can talk and laugh about it now,” said Ko, “but it took a long time to memorize the order of sitting up and down.” In fact, the dance leader explained that the order the members moved in kept changing, making things even more challenging. Coupled with all the other high-octane moves and the need to sing live, Ko Kyung Joon’s choreography really put rookie ASTRO through their paces.

| ASTRO 아스트로/YouTube  

That said, they pulled it off so well, many people may not have even realized how difficult the dance really was—and the members have only grown more talented in dance since then!

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Source: Image and AYO 에이요