ASTRO Confirmed To Make A Comeback In November And Join The List Of Competitive Comebacks

It’s their first comeback since their first win!

ASTRO‘s agency, Fantagio Entertainment, announced that the group will be making their highly anticipated comeback in November!

The agency announced that they are currently in the final stages in preparing their comeback as they finished shooting their jacket photos.

ASTRO is aiming to make a comeback in November.

They finished shooting for their jacket photos, and the album will be released as a mini-album.

— Fantagio Entertainment

They’ll be joining a competitive lineup of November lineups, including IU, EXO, ZICO, VICTON, and more!

This will be ASTRO’s first comeback in 10 months. Their last album won them their first ever 1st place on a music show. Fans have been patiently waiting for their return to continue on the group’s successful streak.


Stay tuned for more information about their upcoming album!

Source: Xports News