ASTRO’s JinJin Reveals What Made Him Want To Become A Singer

He revealed it all!

ASTROs’ JinJin recently revealed what set him on the path to being a singer!

Jinjin appeared as a guest on the most recent episode of Eric Nam‘s K-Pop Daekbak Show podcast, where the two showed off their close friendship with tons of fun interactions!

One of the questions Eric Nam asked him was: what led him to pursue a career as a singer?

I’m curious. You’re the leader, rapper and dancer of ASTRO. But I’m curious about how you became a singer. Did you want to become a singer since you were little?

—Eric Nam

Jinjin revealed that he was initially inspired by artists Lee Hyori and Rain, and gave his now-career more thought after encouragement from his parents!

I still remember really well when Lee Hyori and Rain were really popular. I think I was around 7 or 8 then. I saw Rain’s “It’s Raining”, and I thought it was really cool to be on TV. Plus, I thought that when you’re on TV, you earned a lot of money.

Because I was young, I wanted to be a filial son to my parents, and my parents wanted to do things related to arts or physical education.


He further revealed that because his parents themselves had careers in entertainment, they acted as his other big influences in learning music and wanting to become a singer!

My mom did cheerleading when she was younger, and her dream was to become a singer. My dad was a drummer in high school. I started playing the drums in third grade, and I kept learning things in the arts and physical education route. And then I started dancing in the eighth grade.

I did a lot of talent shows and then really got into dancing. So then in high school, I went to Hanlim Mutli Art School and kept doing dance (street dance), and got more into my original dream of becoming a singer.


Jinjin then talked about how he decided to audition for entertainment agencies as a trainee, and after training at Fantagio, eventually debuted as the leader of ASTRO!

And then I auditioned for Fantagio (along with other agencies), and got into Fantagio. Then I ended up debuting in ASTRO!


You can watch the whole segment from the 5:10 mark here!