ASTRO’s JinJin And Rocky To Release First Unit Album “Restore”

Fans are excited for this duo!

Fantagio announced that K-Pop idol group ASTRO members JinJin and Rocky would be releasing their first unit mini album, Restore, and posted a teaser image online. The teaser image reveal a kitsch charm with characters that are colored in navy and green, which are the identity colors of JinJin and Rocky. 

| @fantagiomusic_/Twitter

JinJin and Rocky, who are active as main rappers and dancers in ASTRO, have also shown their unique vocal tones in their own style. They have also actively participated in the writing and composing of various songs, making fans curious as to what type of album they will release together. They will release their first unit mini album on January 17 at 6 PM KST through various music platforms. 

Source: sports khan