ASTRO’s Jinjin Accidentally Scares OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee, And Her Reaction Is Too Precious

It was the interaction fans didn’t know they needed.

During day two of HallyuPopFest Sydney 2022OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee and ASTRO‘s Jinjin ended up having an adorably funny interaction.

Seunghee | @hyun_maxiang/Instagram

While all the groups were on stage, Seunghee was so excited to see fans that she danced and sent hearts to them.

Because Seunghee was so focused on waving to fans, she didn’t notice that Jinjin had walked to the edge of the stage too.

So when she happened to turn her head, Seunghee was immediately startled to see someone there. She jumped in the middle of making a heart.

Seunghee recovered quickly, though, greeting Jinjin and adorably trying to get the attention of her members.

Despite the unexpected scare, the two idols were able to briefly chat with one another.

Fans couldn’t help gushing about how “cute” Seunghee’s reaction was and loving the humorous interaction between them.

Jinjin | @offclASTRO/Twitter

See Seunghee’s precious reaction to Jinjin’s sudden appearance out of the blue.