ASTRO Members Come Together To Mourn Moonbin’s Passing

All of ASTRO’s members will be together.

 Fantagio confirmed with Korean media Sports Today that former member Rocky is also at the wake.

ASTRO members are gathering to mourn the passing of  Moonbin.

Fantagio Releases Official Statement Confirming ASTRO Moonbin’s Passing

The K-Pop industry is in mourning following the passing of one of its brightest stars. According to a Yonhap News, report, the idol passed away on April 19.

Moonbin | NME

According to news reports, ASTRO members are gathering at the late idol’s wake.

On April 20, Fantagio revealed that Cha Eunwoo, who was in the United States, had left for Korea to attend Moonbin’s wake.

The agency also confirmed that member MJ had taken an emergency leave of absence to attend the wake. Members Sanha and JinJin have also been reported to have attended the wake.

Cha Eunwoo, after receiving the tragic news, left the United States and is on his way to return to Korea. MJ also asked to take a leave after hearing the news to attend the wake.

Moonbin’s family, who is in deep mourning due to the tragedy, wants to have the funeral quietly and in private. With this said, we will keep the wake and the funeral process private from the media. The family does not want guests or media present. We ask that you allow (Moonbin’s) send-off to be beautiful and ask that you pray for the deceased.

— Fantagio

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: newsen and yna


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