ASTRO’s MJ To Temporarily Suspend All Activities Due To Health Reasons

We hope he gets better soon!

ASTRO’s MJ will temporarily suspend activities due to health reasons. On January 28, Fantagio announced its official position regarding ASTRO MJ’s future activities through the official fan cafe. 

We would like to inform you that member MJ’s activities will be suspended. MJ discovered a health problem during recent promotions and went to the hospital for a detailed check up. According to the doctor’s opinion, they revealed that he would need sufficient rest and treatment, so we will temporarily suspend all activities. 

We ask for your understanding that we have temporarily suspended activities. We put the health of our artists first and we will do our best for the artists’ speedy recovery. 

According to the agency, they will focus on recovery and treatment during his hiatus and temporarily suspend all activities until his health is restored. On the other hand, MJ recently debuted as a trot singer last November with the release of his digital single album, Happy Virus.

Source: osen