ASTRO’s Moonbin Lifted AB6IX’s Woong Like He Weighed Nothing And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Even Woong was left speechless at Moonbin’s strength!

AROHAs may have seen ASTRO‘s Moonbin carry around MJ like it’s no big deal plenty of times before, but when everyone else got to see just how strong Moonbin really is they couldn’t help freaking out!


With the Idol Star Athletic Championship filming going on, Moonbin and AB6IX‘s Woong faced off against each other for Ssireum (Korean traditional wrestling). At first, the match started off like any other, with each of them bowing to each other before taking up their positions.


And after standing up, things continued to seem pretty normal as each of them adjusted the hold on the other’s legs.


That, however, didn’t last long! Because as soon as Moonbin had adjusted his grip, he lifted Woong straight up in the air!


Moonbin’s action looked like it was as easy as lifting a feather and he continued holding onto Woong in that position for several seconds.


With Woong in the air, it was easy for Moonbin to quickly flip him around and secure his victory.


His swift actions and super strength had mouths dropping open and even Woong himself was speechless about what had happened!


While fans weren’t too surprised to see Moonbin’s super strength make an appearance, everyone else was freaking out and pretty soon Moonbin was trending worldwide.


Amazing singer, fantastic dancer, and the ability to lift others like they weigh nothing at all! Is there anything Moonbin can’t do?