Billlie’s Moon Sua Sent A Food Truck To ASTRO’s Concert In Support Of Her Brother Moonbin

They have such a cute relationship!

On May 28 and May 29, ASTRO held their The 3rd ASTROAD to Seoul [STARGAZER] concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium!

The group performed in front of an audience of around 22,000 people, and it was an unforgettable experience for many.

Among those that attended was Moonbin‘s sister, Moon Sua from rookie girl group Billlie!

Moon Sua and Moonbin | @Billlieofficial/Twitter

And not only did she attend the concert, but she even sent a food truck to show her support for her brother and the rest of the ASTRO members!

Moon Sua and Moonbin | @@offclASTRO/Twitter

Caption on the sign: “ASTRO sunbaenim, I’m always rooting for you. Fighting 💜 Billlie Moon Sua”

The two posed together for some cute photos, including a recreation of a baby picture!

Moonbin and Moon Sua | @@offclASTRO/Twitter

Caption on the sign: Let’s stay close from now on, oppa (ps. mom didn’t tell me to do it)

As the proud brother, Moonbin shared the photos on ASTRO’s official Twitter account for all to see. We certainly love to see cute relationships between K-Pop idol siblings!

Caption: “Late but thankful ~~”