ASTRO’s Moonbin And Sanha Give Fans An Unexpected Surprise In “Ghost Town”

ASTRO is an incredibly well-rounded group but even fans weren’t expecting this!

ASTRO fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of Moonbin and Sanha‘s unit.

Moonbin and Sanha made their unit debut with the album IN-OUT in September 2020.

ASTRO’s Sanha (left) and Moonbin (right) | @fantagiomusic_/Twitter

Their title track, “Bad Idea,” made for some incredible stages where the two idols showed off their heavenly vocals, dance skills, and powerful stage presence.

While fans were waiting for the unit’s comeback, ASTRO’s MJ made his solo debut with his trot single “Get Set Yo” in November 2021.

ASTRO’s MJ | @fantagiomusic_/Twitter

The lively, upbeat song was as cheerful as the idol himself.

And more recently, JinJin and Rocky debuted as a unit with their album Restore in January 2022.

ASTRO’s Rocky (left) and JinJin (right) | @fantagiomusic_/Twitter

The album ranged from the playful title track “Just Breathe” to Rocky’s gorgeous vocals in “CPR” and JinJin’s clever lyrics in “LAZY.”

And now, Moonbin and Sanha are preparing for an upcoming March comeback by pre-releasing their single “Ghost Town.”

ASTRO’s Moonbin (left) and Sanha (right) | @fantagiomusic_/Twitter
| @fantagiomusic_/Twitter

Although fans knew that the single would include their honey vocals, they weren’t expecting a large number of English lyrics.

And they definitely weren’t expecting to get to hear both Moonbin and Sanha, both vocalists in ASTRO, to rap.

But both members pulled off their rap parts flawlessly. Their soft voices perfectly suit the melody of the song.

It was definitely an unexpected but welcome surprise.

Some fans are even comparing the surprise to how ASTRO’s rappers, JinJin and Rocky, showed off their incredible vocals in their unit debut. So now it only makes sense that the two vocalists would highlight their rapping ability.

And with fans knowing Moonbin and Sanha’s vocal and dance capabilities, seeing their ability to rap only makes them more curious for what their March comeback will have in store.

ASTRO’s Moonbin | @fantagiomusic_/Twitter
ASTRO’s Sanha | @fantagiomusic_/Twitter

You can watch “Ghost Town” here.