ASTRO’s Moonbin To Return For Upcoming Sequel To “The Mermaid Prince” With Co-Star SF9’s Hwiyoung

Who’s ready for the sequel?

It has been confirmed that the sequel to Mermaid Prince will be released.

This web drama was produced by Lifetime and Seezn and will feature ASTRO’s Moonbin as the lead role along with SF9’s Hwiyoung and others.

Moonbin previously played the lead role in the first season of the drama as ‘Choi Woo Hyuk’. He will continue to play this role in the sequel as a high school student.

Hwiyoung, who will co-star in the drama, will be playing the role of ‘Yoon Geun Yi’. He will play a friend of Moonbin’s character, making him one of the swim team members at the high school. His character is seen as “someone who looks cold on the outside but really just looks at one person.”

| FNC Entertainment

Former Hello Venus member Yu Na Gyeol will also be playing a role in the sequel. This drama will begin filming this September and officially begin airing in November.