ASTRO’s Rocky Leaves A Message For MONSTA X’s Minhyuk— And It’s So Cute

His message was so sweet!

ASTRO‘s MJ, JinJin, and Rocky guested on GEMS and answered various questions, and Rocky mentioned a certain member from MONSTA X.

| Gems 잼스/YouTube

When asked who he would like to become friends with among the “Minhyuks” in K-Pop, Rocky (whose real name is Minhyuk) answered “Minhyuk in MONSTA X” with no hesitation.

Minhyuk in MONSTA X, and I haven’t seen him in a while…I mean it’s not like we’re in contact or anything. We just say hi sometimes.


He even asked if he could leave a message to Minhyuk, to which MJ and JinJin could be heard laughing in surprise in the background.

| Starship Entertainment

[Dear Minhyuk] We were in a good place in the beginning. We used to talk a lot and stuff when we first met, so I think we should hang out again! We never hung out actually, right? I’ll see you another time! Good luck!


His message was so heartwarming, and we hope that these two Minhyuks can reunite soon!