International K-Pop Fans Defend ASTRO’s Rocky After His National Anthem Performance

Fans came to his defense after Korean netizens commented harshly.

ASTRO‘s Rocky recently sang the national anthem for the Korean baseball team NC Dinos and was met with relatively harsh reactions from Korean netizens. Coming to the idol’s defense, international K-Pop fans stood by his side and congratulated him on the accomplishment.

ASTRO’s Rocky | @ncdinos2011/Instagram

Although Rocky is known as one of the group’s rappers, he took the field to prove his vocal skills with a new take on the Korean national anthem. He also showed his hometown pride, being selected as the performer because the game took place where he was born. As soon as the clip of the performance was posted on Twitter, it made its way onto the Korean platform theqoo where Korean netizens shared their thoughts.

Korean netizens discussed the unique arrangement of the song, warning each other “not [to] bash him” but wishing Rocky had “sung the original version.

| theqoo
  • “Who is it? I think things got out of hand because he was trying to do his best. Let’s not bash him for that.”
  • “The arrangement is a bit extreme, though I guess had Sohyang done the same, she would’ve gotten a standing ovation.”
  • “It’s honestly too bad… It would’ve been fine had he sung the original version.”
  • “Oh, no…”

Commenters also said they “feel bad for him” and noted how the arrangement neither suit Rocky’s vocals nor show his talent.

| theqoo
  • “My friend who went to see this ball game said people had trouble holding back their laughter during the national anthem. I see what she meant now, LOL.”
  • “It’s not about who the idol is. It’s more so about how the performance was. It’s not about the arrangement. It feels like the performer didn’t have the talent to actually pull this off.”
  • “Um… I guess butchering the national anthem like that is okay to do at karaoke.”
  • “I’m bummed and I feel sorry for him that it didn’t work out for him because it seems like he tried but failed.”
  • “I think it’s okay to switch up the national anthem a little bit. But it should be done with taste and skill, which I don’t think he had either. It would’ve been much better had he sang the original version. I feel bad for him because this clip is going to be on the internet forever.”

Other Korean netizens were blunt in being “super embarrassed for him.

| theqoo
  • “Is it even customary to sing the national anthem before a baseball game…?”
  • “…? This is f*cking weird… LOL.”
  • “Wow, I’m cackling. Sh*t. LMAO.”
  • “People who were at the game felt super embarrassed for him, too. Haha.”
  • “What even is this?”

Seeing all the criticism and negative comments, international K-Pop fans came to Rocky’s defense by saying how proud of him they were and complimenting him on his talent.

| Twitter

Rocky didn’t let the negativity get to him, posting about how thankful he was to sing the Korean national anthem for everyone and make a lasting memory. Fans also continued to send him positive messages.

I’m so grateful for today. I’m going to remember it for a long time! Hwaiting, NC Dinos! (muscle and baseball emojis) #Rocky

— Rocky

Under Rocky’s post about the national anthem performance, fans offered kind words about him deserving the applause the audience gave him and complimented his unique vocal tone.

Source: theqoo