ASTRO’s Rocky To Sit Out Upcoming Performance Due To Injuries

Get well soon, Rocky!

ASTRO‘s ‘Dancing Machine,’ Rocky will be forced to sit out the group’s upcoming performance at the 2021 KBS Song Festival due to some injuries sustained during practice.

Rocky | @offclASTRO/Twitter

According to a statement released by Fantagio Entertainment, Rocky “suffered abrasions around his left eye and a bruise on his knee,” and was immediately taken for treatment at the hospital. Fans can be reassured that the injuries were not major, but Rocky will still be unable to perform for the time being. Here is the full statement.


This is Fantagio.

We would like to inform you about ASTRO Rocky’s absence from the schedule due to injuries around the eyes and knee.

On the night of December 15, Rocky suffered abrasions around his left eye and a bruise on his knee during practice, and immediately went to the hospital for treatment by medical staff.

Although there was no major injury, the doctor judged that it would be difficult for him to continue with the current schedule, so the 2021 KBS Song Festival, which will be held on December 17, will be held with 5 members excluding Rocky.

We ask for your understanding for causing concern with the sudden news, and we will continue to put the artist’s health first and do our best for the artist’s speedy recovery.

—Fantagio Entertainment

Fans have come out in support for Rocky, sending him their well-wishes and hoping for his speedy recovery. In fact, he was trending on Twitter.

AROHAs know how disappointed he probably is, so they are expressing their concern for him and hoping that he won’t be too hard on himself.

Luckily, the injuries are said to not be severe, so we can expect Rocky to be up and dancing again soon. In the meantime, we also wish him a fast recovery. Get well soon, Rocky!

Source: Naver