ASTRO’s Sanha Confesses He Suffered From Depression After Debut

Sanha opened up about his struggles with depression.

ASTRO‘s Sanha is known as the happy-go-lucky, adorable maknae. But he recently confessed that he suffered from depression during the promotions for their 3rd album.

“I suffered from depression around the promotional cycle for our 3rd album. I had no energy.”

— Sanha


He would secretly go to the playground near their dorm and just cry his heart out, without even knowing why he felt so sad.

“There was a playground near our dorm. After our schedules, I would tell our manager that I’m going for a walk and cry on the playground for no reason.

I was worried about what to do…”

— Sanha


Thankfully, he turned to his members who were always there for him. He shared his concerns with a fellow member, who helped him fight through his depression.

“There’s an older member who’s good at listening to your problems. I felt better after talking with him.”

— Sanha


Considering the hardships an idol faces each and every day, it’s a relief that Sanha has such dependable members to rely on during his struggles.


Watch the full clip below: