ATEEZ Opens Additional Concert Date In L.A. As Part Of 2022 World Tour

They will be able to meet with more fans!

K-Pop idol group ATEEZ, who recently sold out of all tickets for their 2022 world tour, THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END, back in November, has decided to add an additional concert date in L.A. for the fans. KQ Entertainment stated, “Thanks to the interest and support from global fans, we have decided to open an additional concert in L.A. on January 31.”

As a result, the L.A. concert which was scheduled to be held at the Los Angeles Forum on January 30, will continue until the next day, January 31. An official stated, “Because they are able to meet more fans, expectations have become higher, and the members are preparing hard to show the best stage to the fans that come. We will do everything we can to ensure a safe and enjoyable performance.”

The world tour will begin on January 7-9 in Seoul and continue to the U.S. and Europe for a total of 15 performances in 12 cities. 

Source: osen