ATEEZ Has Already Completely Annihilated Their Past Album Pre-Order Sales Record With “ZERO: FEVER Part.3”

The album doesn’t come out until Monday!

When ATEEZ released their first album of the year — ZERO: FEVER Part.2 — the group more than proved that they’re one of the biggest names of the fourth generation of K-Pop with over 350,000 pre-orders, as well as over 510,000 total sales to date.

KQ Entertainment

The eight-member boy group has been incredibly busy this year since then, competing on Kingdom: Legendary War, half of the members starring in the K-Drama Imitation, and numerous single comebacks and collaborations with huge names such as Kim Jong Kook and Pentatonix.

Main dancer Wooyoung also featured as artist of the month of June on Studio Choom, where the video of his enchanting performance is nearing 8 million views!

And it seems like their hard work has paid off: With all of the well-earned attention and publicity that they have received (including having their songs play over 20 times at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!), ATEEZ is well on their way to completely annihilating their previous pre-order sales record, and total sales for an album as a whole!

With ZERO: FEVER Part.3 set to come out on Monday, September 13, this seventh mini-album from the group has already surpassed 810,000 pre-orders — and there is still time for that number to go up!

ATEEZ has really been building up the hype for this comeback, releasing numerous teaser images of all of the members, as well as previews of the audios and performances of the two songs that ATINYs voted for to be the title track: “Deja Vu” and “Eternal Sunshine”.

With all of these pre-orders included (and not counting the sales they’ll make once the album is released), ATEEZ will have sold over 2.6 million total albums on Gaon since they debuted!

Congratulations for this massive achievement, ATEEZ, and here’s to hoping this album will be their first million-seller!