ATEEZ Announces Comeback Date, And ATINYs Are Screaming Because OT8 Is Back


Just a few hours ago, ATEEZ posted a brief but incredibly exciting tweet that ATINYs have been waiting for: The date for their next comeback!

The comeback date, set for September 13 at 6PM KST/5AM EST, will be their second one this year after the release of ZERO: FEVER Part.2 back in March.

Even more exciting, however, is that this will be the first comeback of the year that all eight members will be actively promoting in!

Mingi was on a hiatus to take care of his health from last November until July this year, and while he did lend his vocals to their last album, this will be his first time this year taking part in promotions!

Fans are therefore extremely excited for the comeback for more than one reason. This will also be ATEEZ’s first comeback since their participation on Kingdom: Legendary War, as well as SeonghwaYunhoSan, and Jongho‘s appearance in the K-Drama Imitation, so ATINYs are suspecting that this will be their most successful and best-selling release so far in their career.

Here’s how fans of the group are reacting to the news on Twitter!

The comeback has even quickly started trending on the platform with multiple related tags!

We can’t wait to see what ATEEZ has in store for their extremely anticipated comeback!