ATINYs Are Being Attacked Once Again By An ATEEZ Member’s Abs In Their Comeback Teaser Images

Are fans actually prepared for this??

It’s doubtful that any fan of ATEEZ has forgotten the shock and awe that came with the group’s teasers for the release of their last album, ZERO: FEVER Part. 1.

There were many iconic new looks for the comeback, such as Mingi‘s undercut and Wooyoung‘s ponytail.

However, most ATINYs can probably agree that it was Seonghwa‘s abs that really stole the show, especially since he wasn’t one of the members most anticipated to be one to show that kind of skin!

Not that we, or anyone, are complaining.

Now, however, fans of the group are getting attacked (in the best way) once again as another member decided to put his abs in the spotlight.

San‘s abs are absolutely gleaming in the latest teaser image for their upcoming album, ZERO: FEVER Part. 2, as he dons a glorious crop top that tastefully reveals his well-chiseled stomach.

Of course, ATINYs are expressing their delight, shock, and incredulity on Twitter with CHOI SAN already trending, and really, who can blame them?

Since this is just a teaser image, it’s likely that this is just the first glimpse of this look on San, which gives ATINYs even more to look forward to.

Along with San’s visuals, fans are also praising Seonghwa’s hair this time around, as well as the possibility of also getting a glimpse of his abs again too!

The teasers the group has been releasing just have ATINYs hyped up in general.

ATEEZ’s newest album is set to drop on March 1 at 6 PM KST/1 AM PST, so make sure not to miss out!