Here Are All Of The Billboard Music Charts That ATEEZ Is Trending On With “ZERO: FEVER Epilogue”

Plus, all of the other charts that they ranked #1 on!

ATEEZ‘s most recently released album, ZERO: FEVER Epilogue, came as quite a surprise to most fans when it was announced, and only had about two weeks of promotion before its release!

Despite the short timing, the album has made 2021 an even more successful year than it already had been for the group, which is saying a lot, considering how much they accomplished this year!

The album, along with some of the songs on it, have boosted ATEEZ onto a number of different music charts, including multiple Billboard charts!

The album itself is currently charting on four separate charts. First off, it has become the group’s second album to reach the #1 position on the World Albums chart, which they also accomplished with ZERO: FEVER Part.3 back in September!

It’s also their fifth album, and second-highest ranking, to chart on the Top Current Album Sales chart, and debuted at #7 this week. Only ZERO: FEVER Part.3 has ranked higher, with a peak at #4.


It’s their fourth album and also second-highest ranking to chart on the Top Album Sales list, debuting this week at the #11 spot. Once again, ZERO: FEVER Part.3 is the only one that has ranked higher, peaking at #6 (and, remember, with a much longer and more extensive promotion period!).


Finally, it’s their second album to make it onto the highly coveted Billboard 200 chart! Debuting at #73, it’s also their second album to make it into the top 100 of this particular chart, with ZERO: FEVER Part.3 peaking at #42 in September.


As for songs charting on Billboard, “Turbulence” is actually spending its second week on the Hot Trending Songs chart, where it has peaked at #11! It’s also currently ranked at #9 on the World Digital Song Sales chart, debuting this week.

“The Real” is also spending time on Billboard’s charts, ranked at #6 for its debut week on the Hot Trending Songs chart! And, though it first charted on the World Digital Song Sales chart back in June after ATEEZ performed it on Kingdom: Legendary War, it has made a comeback on the list with a rank at #6 this week.

As far as non-Billboard charts go, ZERO: FEVER Epilogue also peaked at #1 on several other music charts around the world! These include the Bugs Daily Album Chart; the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart; the Gaon Album Chart; the Gaon Retail Album Chart; the Synnara Album Chart; the Hanteo Album Chart; and, finally, the Hanteo Global Album Chart.

Congratulations to ATEEZ for all of these incredible achievements at the end of 2021!